Coac, Trainer, Life Changer?

Feb 24, 2020

 by Cindee Henderson

I heard a phrase the other day that made me think about what it is that I do.  The essence of the phrase was, trainers change lives. 

Hmmm, do I change lives?  I'm not sure that's quite true..... 

Trainers train the body.   Coaches train the mind.  

As a trainer, I teach you how to do exercises, proper form, when to do what.   As a Coach, I help you set goals, get your mind right and provide accountability.  

It's when you combine the two, the magic happens - transformation occurs.  The combination is done by YOU.  You do the work.  You provide the willingness to change, the trust in me to provide resources to use and the action of putting it all into motion. 

Trainers and Coaches don't change lives.  We are  merely a piece of the puzzel.  It all begins and ends with YOU. 

Now when you ask me what I do - I HELP people transform their live.  It's a powerful and amazing space to be in, knowing that when a person is ready, I am here to help them become the best version of themselves.