Expressing gratitude is physically good for you!

Nov 24, 2020

 by Cindee Henderson

Did you know that expressing gratitude is physically good for you?


Studies show it improves both your mood AND your mental health.


In fact, something as simple as the act of writing a “gratitude card” can make a surprisingly big difference in your life.


A study reported by the Greater Good Science Center found that writing thank you letters can have a positive impact that lasts at least 3 months.


Researchers found that people who wrote gratitude letters reported better mental health (better mood, less anxiety/depression) both 1 month AND 3 months afterwards, than those who wrote about negative experiences or didn’t write anything at all.


This can even have lasting effects on your brain’s prefrontal cortex, which is the area associated with learning and decision making.


So how about giving it a try and write one (or five) gratitude cards this week to someone you care about?!


Is there anyone that you’d like to thank? Or someone you want to let know that you’re thinking about them and wish them well?


It could be a teacher, a coach, a student, a friend … or a neighbor, family member, former boss or coworker.


Then… send them your gratitude card IN THE MAIL.


Are you up for this little gratitude mini-challenge?!  Reply back to this email when you have a moment and let me know.


I hope you take the time to truly enjoy your day!