Join Me Outside?

Jun 27, 2020

 by Cindee Henderson

Good Morning!

If you’re like me, then you like to hit the gym.  There is something very rewarding about pounding the weights, doing some HIIT training, or even chatting with friends on the treadmill.


Sometimes it’s hard to make it to the gym, or to follow a workout routine—especially as the weather gets nicer.

That’s why…

I want to give you some refreshing ways to workout outside—without it feeling like exercise.

These exercises may be fun and challenging…

And may be as rewarding as it is when you finish your gym workout.

So…here are some different workouts you can do in the great outdoors:

  1. Hiking

There are many different hikes around our area.  Some may be rugged hikes up steep mountains, while others may be less strenuous and a little more enjoyable.

But whatever type of hike you decide to do…just remember, it’s a form of exercise.  Not only are you hitting your cardiovascular system and making it stronger, you’re also giving your legs and upper body a workout by climbing, reaching, or stepping up on rocks or ledges.

  1. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

This exercise is perfect for developing the muscles in your upper and lower body--and providing a great balance workout.  Sure it may look like a tough activity…but the more you do it, the stronger your arms, legs, and your core are going to get.

Once your body is strong enough, you can spend hours on a paddleboard exploring beaches, lakes, and ponds around the area—all while getting a killer workout.

  1. Gardening

There is no better workout than getting down and dirty—in your garden.  Pulling weeds or planting new plants can help tone your legs, arms, back, thighs, and your core with all up and down, and tugging old plants out.

After a few hours of this, I can guarantee your legs may feel a little wobbly, and your arms might be a little sore.

These are just a few different activities that you can do outside that are also considered “exercise.”  There are plenty of others, such as: volleyball, walks, ultimate Frisbee, and swimming.  These activities could give you a full body workout, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and burn extra calories.

I encourage you to “think outside of the box,” when it comes to exercise and get creative as you get moving. 


Your Friend & Coach,