Make wellness a lifestyle choice and never go “off-plan” again

Nov 6, 2020

 by Cindee Henderson


Every year people tell me that with all the parties, tempting treats, etc., in November and December, they put their goals on the back-burner and decide it’s easier just to jump “back on-track” after the New Year.


Don’t be that person!


That’s classic all-or-nothing thinking … and let me tell you, it’s the hardest path to a healthy and fit body.


It means always having to start over again, and maybe even working harder just to get back to where you were before you took the break. It’s a frustrating cycle.


Don’t put yourself through that.


There’s a much easier approach … and it as to do with the word “lifestyle.”


Living a healthy lifestyle means being flexible.


It’s not about feeling guilty or deprived. Instead, it’s VALUE-driven and is based on your personal feelings and beliefs. It’s something you are committed to – it’s not just a fad.


And in the case of a healthy lifestyle, those values are all about supporting and improving your health. That’s pretty important, right?


Taking this approach is incredibly liberating.


That means you have the option to CHOOSE to enjoy your secret family pumpkin pie recipe, and to choose NOT to have the store-bought sickly sweet iced sugar cookies at the office (seriously, gross!).


Or you can choose to get outside and enjoy some fresh air by taking a walk outside with your family/friends/yourself, instead of watching another episode of your latest Netflix binge.


The point of this email is that “all-or-nothing” thinking just sets you up for being “good” or “bad.”


It’s not black and white. It’s not about being perfect … it’s about making space for your health and well-being.


Your best asset this holiday season has absolutely nothing to do with willpower or your ability to stick with a set of strict rules.


Instead, it’s about having a flexible mindset … and making your lifestyle a priority, with some space to enjoy your favorite traditions!


That means you’ll feel amazing during the holiday season … and you’ll also feel pretty great in January when you don’t have to “start over.”