Writing when you aren't sure what to say....

Aug 25, 2020

 by Cindee Henderson

It's late afternoon on Tues.  I am trying to "figure out" what to write about.  My mind is going in a hundred directions, unsure of what to say or how to help. 

I ask the question - what is your biggest challenge when it comes to self - care?  I get various answers.  My conclusion is - it depends upon the day. 

Sometimes it's motivation to eat well, or to move or to drink water or to go to bed at a reasonable time.  Maybe it's reach out to a friend or family.  Self care can be a lot of things.  And different for everyone. 

Several years ago as part of my journey, I leanred that there are certain habits that make my day go much better.   I also learned that it takes awhile to get in the habit.  I thought I had to do everything on my list all at once or I was failing.  I wasn't starting my day out right.  I'd ask myself what is "wrong" with me?  Why can't I stick to just a a few things I know will make my day be better? 

It came down to time.  What time I get up in the morning and if it was something I really felt was a priority.  You see, my schedule changed as the needs at the studio changed.  I was not longer getting up at 5:30 or 6 but up at 4:00 and being at the studio by 5 to start morning sessions.  I was not and am not willing to get up at 3 AM just to get my "list" done..... so either consciously or subconsciously, I dropped the habits of what I knew made me feel better on many levels.  

That is until I heard - 5 minutes.  What can you do in 5 minutes?   Huh?  What?  I don't have to be perfect?  I don't have to do eveything all at once?  Hmmmm.....

I was coached that 5 minutes - maybe it's 5 min of movement - stretches, marching whatever - maybe it's simply a glass of water in the morning.  What did I need to do to start my day on the right foot.  

Here is what I came up with - 

Devotionals and prayer time - I use Intouch.org for daily devotionals - short 5 min read.   I pray about what I read and what is on my heart - some times it's 5 min and sometimes i'ts longer.  I have my coffee.   I make sure I drink water when I take my vitamins.   I get ready for the studio.....  

Then I have found pockets of time to get in my workouts, read or listen to something inspirational or personal development.  I learned it isn't all or nothing.  I can focus for 5 minutes and have most things accomplished by 10 am.  

5 minutes can change your life and your direction.   

I also found something else that I heard from another coach when he was talking about what his wife needed to do to feel like she was on her "A" game - fixing her hair and makeup.

What??? Could that really make a difference?   Yep it sure does.... As a woman, I don't feel "with it" if I just comb my hair, brush my teeth and go.  There is something about taking those few moments to put on some eyeshadow and mascara - can you say 5 minute face?  Yes, I've perfected it - I use - CC cream or tinted moisturizer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and usually a neutral lip gloss and brow pencil.   5 Min and I'm done.   

Hair - blow dry and straightener for a bob - 5 minutes or less.  

How do I feel when I'm done - like I matter.  I feel good;.  I feel beautiful and I feel ready to tackle the world.   

Simple things - 5 minutes or less to set myself up for success and to have a day that I designed.  A day that fits me and what I need to feel productive and on....

Explore it for yourself.  Ditch the all or nothing mentality and find ways to weave those things that really matter and are priorities in your life into practice.  You will be glad you did.