At Higher Power Fitness we believe in training the whole person not just a body. I strive to customize your workout to meet your fitness goals.
Our first step is to meet for a FREE Fitness Consult. This will be approx 30 minutes of 1 on 1 time with a Coach.

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The Benefits Of Joining Our Family

Free Assessments

All are consultations start with a free assessment, this helps me know more about you and your fitness goals.

Have a plan will help you achieve your goals faster.  We create the journey together. 

Your Medical History

Your  fitness program  is designed to meet your needs and to help you achieve your goals. Knowing any physical issues and limitations helps me to design the most effective program for you. 

Progress Review

Every 6- 8 weeks we will review your plan to help you improve your training. This review includes nutrition if you are utilizing this service as well as your workouts.  It's important to know that we are achieving the results that you want. 


 Membership clients are welcome to train during the studio's open hours.  If you are traveling and know you need a workout you can take with you, one will be provided as long as I, as your coach, receive the request in a timely manner. 

Small group and Sweatt Sisters are able to set a schedule that works for you.  Things happen so there are options to change your "normal" dates so you do not miss your workouts. Small Groups are limited to 6 people per session and there is generally a day and a time that will work when you have appointments or unexpected circumstances. 

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Small Groups

You and up to 6 other people working with a Trainier. A great way to work on you!

Private 1/1

Private Training with you and a Personal Trainier. Reach your Goals!

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