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Your place for fitness, family and mind/body wellness 

Team Training! 

Want to join a group of Active Agers?   45 years young and older are welcome to join this fun class - Meets 3 times a week!   See the schedule for more information.  People just like you!   All fitness levels welcome.  

Small Group Sessions -  Limited to 6 people

Come join the fun!  Be part of a community - people just like you! 

Reach your goals with personal coaching - All fitness levels welcome!  Each session has a Coach right there with you! No more trying to figure it out on your own or wondering if you are doing it "right".  



Why High Power Fitness Exists

I am here to help you if you are
a working, busy man or woman who is looking for
a proven program to help you reach your fitness goals.
We are here for you, in person and what’s important to you.

My Services

These programs are guided by Certified Fitness Professionals to help you feel and look your best. Providing quality workouts, nutrition support, accountability and coaching, this is truly your Fitness Community.

Team Training 

Fun, Innovative Group Classes! Lots of variety and a great communty!

Small Groups

You and up to 6 other people working with a Trainier. A great way to work on you!

Private 1/1

Private Training with you and a Personal Trainier. Reach your Goals!

What The Clients Are Saying

All Real, All Community, All Unique

Marva's Goal is to not only lose weight but to be able to move better. She is excited that she can climb the stairs at her home carrying groceries and not get winded. Great job Marva!

Terri wanted to lose weight and feel great. Terri has lost over 40 lbs, and is now living her life well. Teri, you are amazing!

Ilene began her fitness journey in Jan of 2018 with our fabulous 6 week program. Ilene has lost over 30 lbs and feels the best she has felt in years. She has kept the weight off by continuing with her programs with Higher Power Fitness. Great Job Ilene!

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