What I Believe


Life happens.  We put ourselves somewhere down the list of priorities. Soon we are tired, achy joints, inconsistent sleep, everyday movement hurts, clothes don’t fit and just overall grump with yourself and others.  You dread your annual checkup because you know your health care professional won’t be happy with you.

We believe you deserve to be healthy, feel good, look good, move without pain and live a full life.

We are committed to providing you with the tools to reach your fitness goals.  To help you, we provide quality fitness solutions led by Certified Personal Trainers, nutrition plans and programs that are Nutritionist and Dietitian approved and accountability to help you stay inspired and on track.

MY Story

6 Years ago, the Founder Cindee Henderson started out in a small space garage, serving people who did not like to go to a gym, wanted to be healthy and needed someone to be accountable too. From there High Power Fitness has grown to our current location in Oct 2016. HPF welcomes all levels of fitness and is here to serve you and help you meet your goals.


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